Just in case you want to see me drawing something else than ponies, lol


Button’s Adventures Pilot is out! Enjoy!

Please watch it all.

Dumb soda

Finally a good old new (?) relaxing stream! Feel free to come see and ask questions! Everyone’s welcome!

Charity Livestream Kallisti III



Many amazing Artists, Guests and other Stuff are coming up, please drop in, Chat, request some Stuff and, of course, Donate for all the Children! Drop in Now! It’s just simply Amazing!

And of course, Spread the Word so others can see, too!

I couldn’t make it on this edition because of the lot of animation work I have to do, but there are a lot of better artists than me there waiting for your requests! Have fun and remember to support the charity event!


In case people are interested.

Can you tell the difference?