This year’s GalaCon Promotional Video I’ve been doing in the past two weeks. Hosted by them, not me!

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Enjoy the Animatic version of it here!

Getting it done tonight.

Hasbro’s legal department gave permission to put Don’t Mine at Night back online.

Situation is still evolving, which is why I am not really able to pull out an announcement/explaination video yet. I appreciate your patience.

Enjoy the video!

Previous parts here:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

In case you want to watch, you’re very welcome to tune in.
Also, I might take a break and get the next CMC update done. We’ll see.

I know you are probably getting tons of these but please don't give up on making animations!! (I honestly don't know why Hasbro is pissed about this, it's not like you were making money off it right?)

Not to worry, I do not intend on giving up on animating as animation is what I live for, irregardless of the things I animate.

I am incredibly pissed at Hasbro for what they've done, and I'm incredibly saddened by what it means for your work. Does this mean you won't be making any more pony related animations for good? You are the fandom's best animator hands down, and have produced works with quality beyond compare. I'd fully be willing to donate a couple bucks if you attempted to fight the C&D on Fair Use grounds. I really hope you don't give up.

It mainly means I can’t produce or upload pony related content on my youtube channel, but I can still work under commission for pony videos and projects. More informations will be explained soon enough in my next announcement video.

Either way I’m sure there are plenty of great artists out there who are and will still be producing pony animations. :)

Seems like this Blog will get off his HIATUS sooner than expected.

And probably Emerald May will get her reboot sooner than expected too.

what the um why are you so scared of slendermane i mean you met him on the death cruise it makes no sense to be honest

Sweetie Belle says her dream is blurry. She doesn’t know what she’s scared about, she just is. All she gets to see is a tall figure while she’s alone in the everfree forest, which is full of dangerous unknown creatures, in the middle of a dark night. She is dominated by anxiety, she is a filly, also she wouldn’t think of it since Slendy was introduced as the guardian of the island they went to, which implies he shouldn’t, couldn’t or wouldn’t leave it.

Makes more sense now? In times like these I hate being unable to continue and having to explain stuff outside of the comic.