About the Interactive Comic

According to your feedback, it seems like it brings more problems than anything, after all. It also leaves mobile users with nothing to watch.

Welp, nevermind then. It was just a test for an idea anyway.

New Comic Format: Interactive Comic TEST (?)

Trying out a new comic format to bypass Tumblr’s 10 pics limit and spice it all up a bit.
Pro: Potentially unlimited panels. Gifs, visual and text effects will be able to be added. Sounds and music could be added.

Con: May be hard to read at parts, but can still be opened and scaled up in browser. Could lag during gifs. Could not work on mobiles. You might need the latest version of Flash Player.
Does not display on dashboard. Might need a bit to load, depending on your connection.

What do you think? Do we go for this? Please express yourself in the comments. Feedback will also be important to add features and fix problems, even if right now there shouldn’t be any.

If you can’t see it, zoom in your browser by holding ctrl and pressing +.
To reset your zoom settings, press ctrl and 0.
Alternatively, play it at full screen by clicking here
Hosting Courtesy of ShadyVox.

Just a quick shoutout and signal boost for my friend ShadyVox who is leaving his current place. He has quite some interesting stuff to offer.
Check the video for more informations!

(PS: Friendly Reminder; Blog currently on Hiatus until August. Stay tuned!)


Just a little something me and ShadyVox decided to do just for fun. It does not mean anything for the future of this channel.

For more informations on the C&D matter for the MLP stuff, please stay tuned, as we will make an information video as soon as we will get a final word about it.

Thank you for your patience, I hope you enjoy the video.

Non pony related, but still an animation of mine. I hope you enjoy!

This year’s GalaCon Promotional Video I’ve been doing in the past two weeks. Hosted by them, not me!

Support the convention here! http://www.startnext.de/galacon-2014
For more info: http://www.galacon.eu/galacon-promo-2014/

Enjoy the Animatic version of it here!

Getting it done tonight.

Hasbro’s legal department gave permission to put Don’t Mine at Night back online.

Situation is still evolving, which is why I am not really able to pull out an announcement/explaination video yet. I appreciate your patience.

Enjoy the video!

Previous parts here:

Part 1
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Part 3

In case you want to watch, you’re very welcome to tune in.
Also, I might take a break and get the next CMC update done. We’ll see.