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Sep 08


Sep 07

Streaming Sweetie Belle Answers and more! -

Come chill if you like! It’s been a while since the last stream!

Sep 06


hiddenwhispererinthedark said: I know everyone got troubles or problems and because of that, is going late but... Did you try to at least change the (Be back on august) to another thing? After all we are now in september... unless you back in august of 2015

Aaaand done.

Aug 26

sebastainhagensenworld said: when will the next slender pony part come out? it has gone over a 2 months.

Is the last update about the hiatus not clear enough?

Aug 14

Aug 13


Jul 29

Update on the C&D situation.

Hey there guys, this will just take a few minutes of your time.

It’s been almost half a year now since the unfortunate events of the C&D happened, blocking me from creating more pony animations.
I really miss making fan content for you all to enjoy during gaps. Unfortunately, the replies of the implied parts run very slow.

Since a clear and final answer from Hasbro’s Legal Team has not arrived yet, I can just say that it is probably going to take some more.
I want to thank you all for your support and for patiently hanging in there during this hard period.
A sincere Thank You to every single one of you that is still following me now, and an even bigger Thank You to those who will still follow me if Hasbro’s answer will be a negative one.

In that case, the Ask Blogs will continue, but I also hope to still entertain you beyond pony material, animation-wise.

I will provide you an update and a final answer as soon as I get one. Stay tuned.

Take care,

Jul 25

"Sorry Jack" in a Competition


"Sorry Jack", a song written by ShadyVox and animated by me is in a competition! Please help us win! Vote for us!

Jul 03

pixietrixieblog said: Can u make slender belle part 5 :'(

I’m working on it. Even if *cough*the header says the blog is on hiatus*cough*